Alpine Security Demonstrates Commitment to Medical Device Security by Sponsoring the Archimedes Medical Device Security Conference

Medical Device Security

O’Fallon, IL, January 2, 2019 - Alpine Security is proud to announce its support for the 2019 Archimedes Medical Device Security 101 Conference. As one of the conference's top sponsors, Alpine Security hopes to boost awareness of the cybersecurity vulnerabilities currently present within the medical community — and the many opportunities for improving healthcare cybersecurity.

Hosted by the University of Michigan’s Archimedes Center for Medical Device Security, this year's conference will take place in Orlando on January 21st and 22nd. A variety of key industry players are expected to attend, including product engineering directors, clinical facilities engineers, IT security managers, and more. This year's speakers include Norton Healthcare's AJ Aspinwall, Royal Philips Healthcare's Jonathan Bagnall, and Edward Brennan from the Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (H-ISAC). Support from Alpine Security and other sponsors has been instrumental in allowing these speakers and a variety of other panelists to share their expertise.

The team at Alpine Security is well aware of the threats that hacked medical devices pose, both in the medical community and in a variety of other industries and settings. Patients, in particular, are at risk — each United States hospital bed currently possesses between 10 and 15 devices, many of which are connected to the facility's network. Just one malfunction can prove deadly, especially for high-risk patients for whom every second is of grave importance.

As Alpine Security CEO, Christian Espinosa, points out, hospitals are uniquely vulnerable because they are open to the public.

"Because of the nature of hospitals and their's easy for an attacker to walk into a hospital and perform nefarious activities. Nobody is going to question them." - Christian Espinosa, Alpine Security CEO

Espinosa warns that hackers can easily find exposed ethernet connections or even hack into the facility's wireless network while hanging out in the hospital cafeteria.

Unfortunately, medical device security remains shockingly minimal at most healthcare facilities. This is where Alpine Security comes into play.

In addition to supporting the Archimedes Medical Device Security 101 Conference, Alpine Security does its part to improve healthcare security by providing risk assessment and penetration testing services tailored for medical devices and healthcare environments. Using Alpine Security's arsenal of penetration testing services, Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDOs) and medical device manufacturers can more effectively address the risks brought about by modern medical device connectivity.

About Alpine Security

Alpine Security appreciates that every person and organization face an increasing risk of cyber attacks. They aim to use their resources to do something about it. Alpine Security offers a variety of cybersecurity services, including risk assessments, penetration testing, training, audits, and incident response. The company's team is committed to always remaining a step ahead of today's tech-savvy hackers.

About Archimedes Center for Medical Device Security

The Archimedes Center for Medical Device Security was established to help manufacturers and industry experts navigate the operational hazards of cybersecurity implementation and prepare them for future challenges of FDA requirements. Archimedes is an independent, pioneering center focused on the education and advancement of medical device security where key industry players come together for learning in a safe place.