Protecting Internet Communications

Today we all communicate constantly over the internet. Some people say we spend too much time on our mobile devices and we do not interact enough with the world and with the people around us. However, that is a discussion for another time. In this blog post we want to discuss how we keep our internet communications secure from eavesdropping.

How to Protect Your Data with VeraCrypt

Today, encryption plays an important role in cybersecurity. It allows businesses to secure customers’ information, allows us to navigate the internet without the fear of anyone else eavesdropping, and allows remote employees to connect to the work network securely. However, even though encryption is crucial for protecting one’s data, not many average home users utilize encryption. Average home users should be encrypting their desktops, laptops, and mobile devices because encryption is the most useful technology for protecting one’s privacy. However, many people don’t know where to start; they are daunted by the technology. This blog will help you encrypt your drive using an open-source program called VeraCrypt.