Alpine Security Leads the War on Preventing Data Breaches

We believe SMBs are vital to our economy. It is our responsibility to reduce data breach risk while providing cybersecurity clarity to SMBs through our training, vCISO, and Breach Prevention Audit services.
— Christian Espinosa, Alpine Security CEO


Data Breach Prevention Audit Service

Alpine Security ("Alpine"), a cybersecurity firm specializing in cybersecurity strategy and data breach prevention for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), announced the addition of their new data Breach Prevention Audit (BPA) service. The Breach Prevention Audit, developed by Alpine Security, is based on decades of experience with penetration testing, incident response, audits, and working with clients on cybersecurity strategy. The BPA assesses 31 different cybersecurity controls that have been proven to reduce the risk of a data breach.

The purpose of Alpine's data Breach Prevention Audit is to provide organizations with a quantifiable overview of their cybersecurity landscape based on management, operational, and technical control groupings. According to Christian Espinosa, Alpine Security's CEO, "Current cybersecurity strategies and controls are largely ineffective at preventing data breaches. We created the data Breach Prevention Audit (BPA) to help organizations quantifiably understand their risk of a data breach. Our BPA offers explicit prioritized and actionable steps to decrease data breach risk." Alpine Security's aim with their Breach Prevention Audit is to allow SMBs to focus on their core business while managing cybersecurity data breach risk with clarity.

Alpine's BPA is conducted over a secure video conference. After the appropriate data is gathered, Alpine analyzes the data and produces a report. The Breach Prevention Audit report includes the following sections: 

  • Graphs depicting a score for each control category

  • An overall breach prevention risk score

  • Top weaknesses per control category

  • Top 10 findings and recommendations

After secure report distribution, Alpine Security conducts a review session to thoroughly go over the Breach Prevention Audit and next steps.

Contact Alpine Security to learn more about their data Breach Prevention Audit program:

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Alpine Security ("Alpine") is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business providing full-spectrum cybersecurity services and training. Alpine's goals are to help organizations reduce cybersecurity risk and empower cybersecurity professionals with the skills necessary to effectively assist their organizations. Alpine Security is headquartered in the Greater St. Louis / Scott Air Force Base Area.