Data Breach Prevention Audit

Our Breach Prevention Audit is designed to quantifiably measure your risk of a data breach.

Data Breach Prevention Audit Goal

To help your organization understand how you Identify what is on your network, Protect your assets, Detect any issues, Respond to threats and incidents, and Recover from incidents to restore business as usual as quickly as possible.

Breach Prevention Audit OverView

Our data Breach Prevention Audit (BPA) is a tool we developed, based on decades of experience with penetration testing, incident response, audits, and working with clients on cybersecurity strategy.

We leverage this experience to bring you an audit tool that pinpoints and ranks your weak areas that could be leveraged by an attacker to compromise your environment and data.

Our BPA covers data breach prevention best practices, divided into the following control groups:

  • Management Controls

    • Cybersecurity controls that focus on the management of risk and the management of information system security.

  • Operational Controls

    • Cybersecurity controls that are primarily implemented and executed by people (as opposed to systems).

  • Technical Controls

    • Cybersecurity controls that are primarily implemented and executed by systems through hardware, software, or firmware.

After a Mutual Confidentiality Agreement (MCA) is signed, we conduct the audit over a secure video conference. Through a series of questions and dialog, we gather the information required for us to produce your report.

Sample scores from a Breach Prevention Audit

BPA Report

After we’ve completed the MCA and the audit session, we analyze the data we gathered, tabulate findings, and produce the report.

Our BPA report includes the following information:

  • Graph depicting a score for each control group (management, operational, and technical) and an overall breach prevention risk score.

  • Top weaknesses per category

  • Top 10 findings and recommendations

BPA Sample - Top Weaknesses with recommendations

Our Top 10 list provides a prioritized list of areas to address that will reduce your risk of a data breach.

We securely deliver the report to you and review the report with you over a secure video conference.

Our data Breach Prevention Audit is included with our vCISO service. If you are interested in having us perform a data Breach Prevention Audit, complete the form below or reach out to us:

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  • Phone: 844-925-7463