Penetration Testing Courses

Learn penetration testing skills to get you root or domain admin access.

Learn penetration testing skills to get you root or domain admin access.

Penetration Testing, also known as Ethical Hacking or White Hat Hacking, is a skill in high demand. Alpine Security specializes in penetration testing and penetration testing training. To be an effective penetration tester, we recommend you have a decent grasp of the following:

  • Linux - Kali is the main penetration testing platform and it is Linux-based. One of the biggest challenges many new penetration testers face is navigating Linux.

  • Networking - You need to understand TCP/IP, ports, MAC Addresses, DNS, etc. New penetration testers that do not understand networking will have to learn it. It is kind of difficult to interpret nmap results or understand Wireshark, if you do not know networking fundamentals.

  • Programming / Scripting - You do not need to be a programmer, but having an understanding of programming (functions, DLLs, variables, stack, heap, etc.) will greatly help you. Understanding how to write (or modify existing) scripts in Bash or Python is useful too.

  • System Admin - Most targets will be Windows targets. You need to have a grasp of how Windows works in order to understand Windows vulnerabilities and exploits.

The courses listed here assume you have fundamental IT knowledge and the skills listed above. We recommend a progression in this order, but you can skip courses, if you already have the skills. For instance, if you know Wireshark well, there’s no point in taking the Network Traffic Analysis with Wireshark course.

Also, bear in mind, that penetration testing is not a “one and done” profession. You must constantly improve your skills. We also recommend you do the Practicals for the EC-Council certifications. Knowledge without the ability to apply it is useless.

Penetration Testing Course Progression

#1 Intro to Penetration Testing

#2 Network Traffic Analysis with Wireshark

#3 CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker Course) (with Practical)

#4 ECSA (EC-Council Certified Security Analyst Course) (with Practical)

EC-Council Penetration Testing Track. (click to enlarge)

#5 APT (Advanced Penetration Testing Course)