GDPR Awareness Training

Alpine Security’s GDPR Awareness Training
GDPR just makes sense now. It’s like the lightbulb was turned on.
— Compliance Officer

The GDPR Awareness Training course will help guide individuals and organizations on understanding GDPR regulations and compliance. GDPR, which stands for General Data Protection Regulation, is an extensive privacy law that covers all 28 European Union (EU) nations as well as any entity that performs business with citizens in these countries. GDPR laws serve to protect EU citizens and develop a level of trust between businesses and consumers. GDPR has many complexities, and failure to comply with the regulations can result in hefty fines. Our course is designed to provide guidance on GDPR regulations and supply organizations with a roadmap to compliance.

Who Should Attend

Are you...

  • An organization located in the EU

  • Offering goods or services to EU data subjects

  • Monitoring the behavior of EU data subjects

  • Processing, holding, or transferring the personal data of EU data subjects

  • Considering offering business to EU countries

If any of the above apply to you, you should attend the course.

GDPR Course Overview

  • Embedding Privacy Into Business

    • Developing a Data Governance System

    • Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policies

    • Information Security Policies & Technical Controls

    • Cross Border Data Transfers & Managing Third Party Risk

    • Breach Notification

  • Accountability

    • HD Data Processing

    • Legal Representation

    • Accountability

    • Demonstrating Compliance

    • Certifications

    • Privacy Shield

    • Code of Conduct

  • GDPR Overview

    • What is GDPR?

    • Why we Need GDPR

    • Penalties and Current Events

    • Who are Data Subjects?

    • What is Personal Data?

    • Who Has to Comply with GDPR?

  • Rights, Privacy, and Legal Basis for Processing

    • Principles for Data Collection and Processing

    • Data Subject Rights

    • Automated Decision Making and Profiling

    • Human Resources Data Processing

    • Lawful Basis For Processing

    • Privacy Notifications and Opt-in Consent



Continuing Education Credits

Sample of Alpine Security’s On-Demand GDPR Awareness Training.


Delivery Formats

We offer our GDPR Awareness Training in 3 formats:

  1. Live Online (Private Course)

  2. Live In-Person (Private Course)

  3. On-Demand (Public or Private Course) - can be taken Anytime, from Anywhere, using Any device.

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