Security+ Certification Training (SEC+)

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"He. Was. Great. Very nice fluctuation of the way and speed he delivered the content. Great for me (who has little experience) and great for those who were already skilled in the knowledge/content being delivered."
Learn cybersecurity fundamentals and get Security+ certified!

Learn cybersecurity fundamentals and get Security+ certified!

Security+ Certification Training (includes Exam Voucher)
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This CompTIA Security+ Exam Preparation course includes a FREE Exam voucher (a $320 value!). This Security+ training is recommended if your job responsibilities include securing network services, devices, or traffic in your organization. The primary focus of this course is to prepare for the CompTIA Security+ certification examination. In this training, you will build on your knowledge and professional experience with security fundamentals, networks, and organizational security as you acquire the specific skills required to implement security services on any type of computer network.

Ensuring the security of consumer information, personal data and trade secrets has never been more critical. Enter the exciting world of cybersecurity with CompTIA's Security+

The Security+ Boot Camp is Available Live Online

The Security+ Boot Camp is Available Live Online

If you intend to pass the CompTIA Security+ (Exam SY0-501) certification examination, this course will be a significant part of your preparation and will positively increase your ability to pass the exam. Certification is not the only key to professional success in the field of cyber security though. Today's job market demands individuals with both knowledge and demonstrable skills. The information and activities in this training help you build cyber security skills so you can confidently perform your duties in any security-related role. Additional skills and credentials, such as the Security+, increase your earning potential and open doors in your career progression.

The CompTIA Security+ Certification is Department of Defense (DoD) 8570 approved for the following Information Assurance (IA) position categories:

  • Information Assurance Technical (IAT) Level II
  • Information Assurance Management (IAM) Level I

DoD 8570 is also known as the IA Workforce Improvement Program.  Details on DoD 8570 and other useful information can be found on the DISA IASE site.

Great course. Great instructor. Knows info well and has lots of personal experience. Breaks down info well and supplemental quizzes and other info very helpful. All topics were useful and related to the test.
— Systems Administrator, Lockheed Martin

OVERVIEW and OBjectives

Security+ Certification Training (includes Exam Voucher)
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In this course, you will implement, monitor, and troubleshoot infrastructure, application, information, and operational security:

I feel like this was a great sanity check and thorough covering of the topic at a good pace.
— Network Engineer, Department of Homeland Security
  • Identify the fundamental concepts of computer security.
  • Identify security threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Manage data, application, and host security.
  • Implement network security.
  • Identify and implement access control and account management security measures.
  • Manage certificates.
  • Identify and implement compliance and operational security measures.
  • Manage risk.
  • Troubleshoot and manage security incidents.
  • Plan for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Security Fundamentals

  • The Information Security Cycle
  • Information Security Controls
  • Authentication Methods
  • Cryptography Fundamentals
  • Security Policy Fundamentals

Lesson 2: Identifying Security Threats and Vulnerabilities

  • Social Engineering
  • Malware
  • Software-Based Threats
  • Network-Based Threats
  • Wireless Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Physical Threats and Vulnerabilities

Lesson 3: Managing Data, Application, and Host Security

  • Manage Data Security
  • Manage Application Security
  • Manage Device and Host Security
  • Manage Mobile Security

Lesson 4: Implementing Network Security

  • Configure Security Parameters on Network Devices and Technologies
  • Network Design Elements and Components
  • Implement Networking Protocols and Services
  • Apply Secure Network Administration Principles
  • Secure Wireless Traffic

Lesson 5: Implementing Access Control, Authentication, and Account Management

  • Access Control and Authentication Services
  • Implement Account Management Security Controls

Lesson 6: Managing Certificates

  • Install a CA Hierarchy
  • Enroll Certificates
  • Secure Network Traffic by Using Certificates
  • Renew Certificates
  • Back Up and Restore Certificates and Private Keys
  • Revoke Certificates

Lesson 7: Implementing Compliance and Operational Security

  • Physical Security
  • Legal Compliance
  • Security Awareness and Training
  • Integrate Systems and Data with Third Parties

Lesson 8: Risk Management

  • Risk Assessment and Analysis
  • Implement Vulnerability Assessment Tools and Techniques
  • Scan for Vulnerabilities
  • Mitigation and Deterrent Techniques

Lesson 9: Troubleshooting and Managing Security Incidents

  • Respond to cybersecurity Incidents
  • Recover from a Security Incident

Lesson 10: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Business Continuity
  • Plan for Disaster Recovery
  • Execute DRPs and Procedures

Certification Exam

Course includes one (1) CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Exam Voucher (a $320 value!). Voucher is valid for 12 months after the course at a Pearson VUE testing center.

NOTE:  As soon as the SY0-501 Exam is released, we will update the voucher to this one and update our course content.  The 501 exam is scheduled to be released October 4, 2017:

Exam Details

  •  Description: The CompTIA Security+ certification covers network security, compliance and operation security, threats and vulnerabilities as well as application, data and host security. Also included are access control, identity management, and cryptography.
  • Number of Questions: Maximum of 90 questions
  • Type of Questions: Multiple choice and performance-based
  • Length of Test: 90 Minutes
  • Passing Score: 750 (on a scale of 100-900)

Course Duration

5 days or 8 nights

Continuing Education Credits




Our public courses are offered less than 20 minutes from downtown St. Louis at our partner, TechGuard Security's office, located right outside of Scott Air Force Base.

703 Seibert Rd, Suite 2
Scott Air Force Base, Illinois 62225

We also offer private onsite courses, at your location. We love to travel and will gladly send a trainer to your location. Please Contact Us for more information.


Live, Instructor-Led Training with a dynamic Security+ certified trainer that is a cyber security professional. Instructors have real-world experience with the material covered in the Security+ course.

Delivery Options

This course is delivered in a "hybrid" format, where we have both In-Person and Live Online attendees. This provides a fun, interactive environment where In-Person and Live Online students can easily interact both with each other and the instructor. When you register for the course, you can choose which delivery option works best for you:

  • Live In-Person
  • Live Online


  • Jan 29 - Feb 2 (M-F), 8:30am - 4:30pm, 2018
  • Feb 26 - Mar 8 (M-Th nights) (8 nights), 5:30pm - 9:30pm, 2018
  • April 9-19 (M-Th nights) (8 nights), 5:30pm - 9:30pm, 2018
  • May 21-25 (M-F), 8:30am - 4:30pm, 2018
  • June 25-29 (M-F), 8:30am - 4:30pm, 2018


Security+ Certification Training (includes Exam Voucher)
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