CAP Certification Training (includes Exam Fee)

ISC2 CAP Training
ISC2 CAP Training

CAP Certification Training (includes Exam Fee)

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Whether you’re in DoD cybersecurity or you protect a private company, there are a number of reasons to earn your CAP certification:

  • Credibility and marketability. Earning the CAP is a powerful way to validate your knowledge. It shows you thoroughly understand information security and risk management processes and procedures. You’ll stand out and be more competitive.

  • Better opportunities. Holding the CAP certification makes you more versatile. It can help you move up and advance your career. If you’re a contractor, it can lead to better choice in assignments.

  • Growth and learning. From exam prep to continuing education, the CAP offers many ways to expand your knowledge. You can stay up-to-date with new technologies and risks.

  • Increased compensation. While pay practices vary, many CAPs find that this certification leads to increases in salary.

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