Intro to Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking) (PT01)

"The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and crafted the exercises and discussions so we truly learned the material. I have a new appreciation for how systems are exploited."

This hands-on penetration testing course focuses on tactics, techniques, and procedures used by both black hat attackers and penetration testers (white hat hackers). The course starts with an overview of hacking incidents, trends, and attacker motivations. The course progresses to penetration testing methodologies. These often overly complicated methodologies, filled with an excessive number of steps, are simplified in this course with an emphasis on the penetration test objective.  Each hacking phase of the simplified methodology is demonstrated, discussed, and practiced. Attendees practice penetration testing in a fun and interactive environment with multiple live targets and CTF (Capture the Flag) exercises.

Course was excellent. I highly recommend to anyone getting into the offensive security field.
— DoD Penetration Tester

The Intro to Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking) course is an excellent introduction to penetration testing.  Emphasis is placed on learning, demonstrating, and practicing the primary tactics - reconnaissance (active and passive), vulnerability discovery and identification, exploitation, and persistence.  Numerous methods are covered to include server-side exploits, client-side exploits, man-in-the-middle (MITM), and social engineering.


General knowledge of computer, networking, and operating system fundamentals. Some exposure to Kali linux recommended.


Great labs showing use of Kali tools for exploitation. Course delivered at a good pace with great examples!
— Senior Network Analyst, Edward Jones
  • Hacking Trends and Motivations

  • Hacking Methodology

  • Reconnaissance

  • Vulnerability Identification

  • Initial Exploitation

  • Expanding Foothold

  • Persistence

Topics Covered

  • Cyber Terrorists

  • OPM Breach

  • Hacking Methodology

  • Passive Reconnaissance


  • Active Reconnaissance

  • Vulnerability Research

  • Expanding Foothold

  • Persistence

  • Social Media

  • Whois

  • robots.txt

  • Social Engineering

  • Phishing

  • Nmap

  • ICMP

  • Metasploit

  • Armitage

  • Exploitation

  • Payloads

  • Vulnerability Types

  • CVSS


  • Forward vs Reverse Shells

  • Meterpreter

  • Man-In-The-Middle (MITM)

  • ARP

  • arpspoof

  • Ettercap

  • Computer Incidents

  • Attack Discovery

  • Attack Sophistication

  • Intruder Knowledge

  • Attacker Motivations

  • White Hat Hackers

  • Black Hat Hackers

  • Script Kiddies

  • Hacktivists

  • State Sponsored Hackers

  • Spy Hackers

  • DNS

  • Netcraft

  • Google Hacking - GHDB

  • Shodan

  • Cogmap

  • Port Scanning

  • TCP

  • UDP

  • IP

  • hping3

  • Banner Grabbing

  • CVE

  • Nessus

  • OpenVAS

  • Infectious Media

  • Client-Side Attacks

  • Browser Attacks

  • Credential Harvesting

  • Social-Engineering Toolkit (SET)

  • Pivoting

  • Zero Day (0-day) Exploits

  • Offline Password Cracking

  • Online Password Cracking

  • driftnet

  • Privilege Escalation

  • John the Ripper

  • THC-Hydra

  • Hashing


Course Duration

3 days

Continuing Education Credits

It gave me a good foundation of the skills needed in order to successfully be a pen tester.
— Intern, DHS



Our Intro to Penetration Testing training is offered less than 15 minutes from downtown St. Louis, near Scott Air Force Base, at our O'Fallon, Illinois training facility, located at:

7 Eagle Center, Suite B-5
O'Fallon, IL 62269



Live, Instructor-Led Training with a dynamic trainer that is a cybersecurity professional. Instructors have real-world penetration testing experience with the tactics and techniques covered in the course.