ICS Certified Security Professional (ICSP)

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The Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Certified Security Professional is a vendor neutral certification focused on the application of cybersecurity to secure ICS and SCADA systems. The ICSP Certification's purpose is to measure foundational knowledge of ICS/SCADA environments and applicable cybersecurity risks and countermeasures.

The ICSP Certification covers the following topics:

  • ICS components and protocols
  • Protection, Detection, and Response with ICS
  • IT Cybersecurity vs ICS Cybersecurity
  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessments for ICS
  • ICS Network Design and Architecture
  • Zones and Conduits
  • Monitoring
  • ICS Operations
  • Access Control
  • ICS Security Testing

ICSP Exam Details:

  • Delivery Format: Online Exam
  • Questions: 50 multiple choice questions
  • Scoring: 70% passing score
  • Time: 60 minute time limit
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