3 Common Mistakes Choosing Cybersecurity Training

Alpine Security helps you avoid these common mistakes choosing cybersecurity training. We offer an exam pass guarantee. St. Louis based.

1. Not receiving an Exam Pass Guarantee

If you are taking a cybersecurity certification exam, such as the CISSP, CEH, Security+, etc., you should receive an exam pass guarantee from the training provider. Alpine Security's Exam Pass Guarantee means if you do not pass the certification exam, you can retake the course for free. You can also sit through a course a second time before taking the exam, if you need more preparation time.

2. Choosing training from trainers without real-world experience

You should ensure the instructors you receive cybersecurity training from have real-world experience in the subject they are teaching and, if applicable, have the credential/certification themselves. As an example, don't take a CEH boot camp from someone that is not a CEH and only knows what's in the book or on the slides. 

Our trainers actually practice on a daily-basis what they teach.  This allows us to apply real-world experience to course content and tangible answers to questions in class.  We use anecdotes, offer advice, and comprehensively answer questions like "how does this apply to the way we do access control at our location where we use 8 character passwords with a mix of upper/lower case, numbers, and special characters?"

If you're like us, you've probably taken courses at "Learning Centers" or "Education Centers" that use full-time instructors. Although there is nothing wrong with this approach, we feel the real-world experience our trainers bring to the table greatly enhances the value of our courses.  Application often differs from theory.  We are practitioners.  We not only help you pass a certification test, but can also help you solve a technical problem you've been struggling with at work.

3. Not knowing what you are getting

Many training organizations use "gray market" materials and try to pass themselves off as official content providers for organizations such as EC-Council. Gray market material is basically home grown content, which is often fine, but if you are looking for official content or the latest content, you should clarify.