vCISO Cybersecurity Service

We help you mature your cybersecurity posture in alignment with your compliance requirements and business objectives.

Alpine Security’s vCISO Overview

The digital, online nature of modern commerce demands that businesses exist wholly or in part in the vast and sometimes dangerous landscape of cyberspace.

Data has become one of the most valuable assets an organization can create, collect, or store, but it can also be an organization’s greatest liability. 

Cybersecurity is a fundamental need for almost all businesses, but many organizations do not have a clear strategy for how to incorporate cybersecurity into their organizational business practices. Small to mid-sized organizations often lack the resources to bring on a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to develop and oversee the implementation of cybersecurity solutions, and do not understand how to prioritize where to spend resources to improve their cybersecurity posture.

Alpine Security’s vCISO Purpose

The purpose of Alpine Security’s vCISO cybersecurity service is to provide organizations with an affordable fractional and virtual CISO solution to help them reduce risk and develop a strategic security plan. We help you mature your cybersecurity posture in alignment with your compliance requirements and business objectives. The vCISO cybersecurity service is an annual program that tailors cybersecurity solutions for your organization, and develops a short, medium, and long-term strategic security plan for your organization to implement.

Strategic vs. Tactical roles

The vCISO plays a strategic role within your organization by assisting your leadership team with the adoption of a business-aligned risk assessment strategy, developing an overall strategic security plan that includes 1 year, 3 year, and 5 year planning to meet cybersecurity objectives, and providing guidance and recommendations on cybersecurity best practices that will help prevent cybersecurity incidents and data breaches.

The vCISO will guide your organization’s IT or cybersecurity personnel as they perform the necessary tactical tasks to implement the strategic security plan. Your organization may elect to outsource some of the tactical work related to the strategic security plan, and the vCISO will assist with the project management oversight for all tactical cybersecurity related projects to ensure that they are aligned with the strategic cybersecurity plan and the organization’s business objectives.  Alpine Security can also provide the tactical support on a project basis.

Alpine Security’s vCISO uses the CMMI model levels to gauge cybersecurity maturity

With Alpine Security’s vCISO service, we take care of the following:

  • Perform initial data Breach Prevention Audit (BPA) and initial Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) baseline assessment

  • Review BPA and CMMI baseline assessment results

  • Develop interim Incident Response Plan (IRP) [if applicable]

  • Manage enterprise risk assessments to determine or confirm critical assets and critical systems

  • Develop strategic cybersecurity plan (includes 1 yr., 3 yr., and 5 yr. plans) in alignment with compliance requirements and business objectives

  • Oversee development and implementation of formal Incident Response Plan (IRP)

  • Provide Top 10 Cybersecurity Best Practice recommendations to be implemented as part of strategic cybersecurity plan

  • Deliver quarterly and annual cybersecurity program reports

  • Manage incident response while serving as vCISO

  • Conduct annual BPA and CMMI assessments to quantifiably measure cybersecurity maturity progress

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