Security Assessments Overview

An outstanding security posture has many components. We provide the following individual services for entities that have already made progress in their security implementation.

Network and Service Discovery

Before you can establish a good security posture, you must first know what you have to secure; you must have a handle on CSC #1: Inventory of Authorized and Unauthorized Devices. We provide technical discovery services for networks that have never been documented or have limited documentation, as well as discovery of suspect or malicious network activity. 

Vulnerability Assessment

A comprehensive scan of online systems and services, with an analysis to remove false positives. We provide a prioritized list of all findings along with recommendations. This can be performed remotely or onsite.

Check out our Vulnerability Assessment page for more information.

Penetration Testing

Taking the vulnerability assessment one step further, we definitively determine whether your environment is open to compromise. We use many tactics and techniques in our attempts to gain access to your environment:

Check out our Penetration Testing page for more information.

Policy and Procedures

A well-written security policy and accompanying procedures can make all the difference as to whether your environment is secure. We can review your policies and practices to determine weaknesses and assist in creation of documentation when no established mechanism exists.

Check out our ESA Documentation Review service for a review of your Policies and Procedures.

Secure Development

Often overlooked, secure software has become a crucial component of any successful business. Whether it’s validating your latest Web Application source code or establishing a secure development environment, we can provide assistance for all your secure code review and secure software development needs.

Check out our Secure Code Review services.