Effective Tactics Used by Hackers & How to Avoid Being the Next Cyber Victim

Presentation ("Effective Tactics Used by Hackers & How to Avoid Being the Next Cyber Victim") from the 2018 Conference on Enterprise Excellence on February 22, 2018, held at Hamburger University in Oak Brook, IL.

Live Hacking and Professional Development Event

Presentation from the Live Hacking and Professional Development Event, held at Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC) May 2017. Topics include:

  • Alpine Security Background and Cybersecurity Training Differentiators

  • EC-Council Partnership as an Accredited Training Center (ATC)

  • New Course Offerings - ECSAv9, CSCU, CHFIv9, and CND

  • Social Engineering

  • Hacking Demonstrations

  • Course Relevance to Social Engineering and Hacking Demos

Decoding the Hack

Presentation from the Security Roundtable at Washington University in St. Louis.  Topics Include:

  • Cyber Security State of Affairs

  • Fog of More

  • Foundational Cyber Hygiene

  • Hacking Methodology

  • Reconnaissance and Vulnerability Identification Methods

  • Physical Access Attack Demonstrations

    • HID Attacks

    • Keylogger Attacks

  • Client-Side Attack Demonstrations

    • Man-In-The-Middle

    • Phishing

    • Facebook Credential Stealing

    • Browser Exploit

  • Server-Side Attack Demonstrations

    • SQL Injection

Top 20 Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense

Presentation from Lunch and Learn at The Boeing Company. Topics Include:

  • Are we Winning the Cyberwar?

  • Why use the Center for Internet Security Critical Security Controls (CIS CSC)?

  • CIS CSC Tenets

  • Top 20 Critical Security Controls

  • Top 5 Critical Security Controls (Foundational Cyber Hygiene) Deep Dive

  • Tips

2015 API Cybersecurity Industrial Control Systems Workshop

Presentation from the 2015 American Petroleum Institute Cybersecurity Industrial Controls Systems Workshop. Topics Include:

  • Recent ICS/SCADA Incidents

  • ICS Security Overview

  • Critical infrastructure security compared with traditional IT security

  • ICS Security Assessments and associated risks

  • ICS/SCADA Device Discovery Process

  • ICS/SCADA Vulnerability Identification

  • ICS/SCADA System and Protocol Exploitation