Alpine Security's Digital Forensics & Incident Response Course Now Available for Registration

Alpine Security's 3 day instructor-led Intro to Digital Forensics & Incident Response course covers the Incident Response Methodology, based on NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Special Publication 800-61r2, Computer Security Incident Handling Guide. Each of the four primary IR Life Cycle Phases - (1) Preparation, (2) Detection & Analysis, (3) Containment, Eradication, & Recovery, and (4) Post-Incident Activity are addressed in detail, using sample incidents to facilitate class discussions.

Learn to Decode Internet Traffic with Alpine's Traffic Analysis Training

Alpine's Network Traffic Analysis Using Wireshark course is a 3 day instructor-led course focused on capturing, filtering, and analyzing network traffic to identify security vulnerabilities, track down network intrusions, troubleshoot network issues, and perform network forensics. This Wireshark course includes real-world, hands-on scenarios featuring packet captures from network attacks and forensics investigations.