Christian Espinosa Presents at 2016 AFCEA Mid-America Cyberspace Symposium


O'Fallon, IL, June 29, 2016 - Christian Espinosa, Founder and Principal of Alpine Security, presented at the 2016 AFCEA Mid-America Cyberspace Symposium on the Top 20 Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense.

Presentation Description

Nearly 90 percent of cyberattacks take advantage of 5 common and poorly implemented or not implemented at all basic cyber defenses. Most attackers do not use stealth techniques or zero-day exploits. Why bother with stealthy tactics and zero-days when most organizations do not "know thyself"? Most organizations do not know what devices are on their network or what software is on their network. They get caught in the "fog of more" and waste resources implementing solutions with little to no tangible impact on cyberattack risk mitigation. This is analogous to upgrading all the locks in your home and installing the best alarm system, when the intruder is already in your house, hiding in a closet. The Top 20 Critical Security Controls offers a prioritized list of recommendations that are based on real and timely threat intelligence, rather than antiquated best practices. They remove the "fog of more".

Presentation Slides

The presentation slides can be found here:

About AFCEA Mid-America Cyberspace Symposium

AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association) is a non-profit organization that encourages greater government/industry partnerships and fosters networking among technology professionals. AFCEA providess the opportunity to build relationships, identify needs and challenges, and explore technology solutions that will help support the IT community. The AFCEA Scott - St. Louis Chapter sponsored the 2016 AFCEA Mid-America Cyberspace Symposium. The theme for the Symposium was "Cyber Readiness: Crisis and Disruption."


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