Alpine Security's Digital Forensics & Incident Response Course Now Available for Registration


St. Louis, Missouri, January 7, 2016 - Alpine Security's Intro to Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR) Course is now available for enrollment.  For a limited time, a $500 discount is being offered for the January 25-27 course. This eye-opening hands-on course provides a comprehensive overview of Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR). The course starts with a review of recent incidents and how the IR and digital forensics were handled. Typical goals of IR and digital forensics are covered with an emphasis on defining what an "incident" is and the desired outcome of the incident response, based on risk and business objectives. Goals of digital forensics and incident response range from placing a suspect  behind a keyboard, to determining malware Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), or to merely recovering "as quickly as possible."

Alpine Security's 3 day instructor-led Intro to Digital Forensics & Incident Response course covers the Incident Response Methodology, based on NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Special Publication 800-61r2, Computer Security Incident Handling Guide. Each of the four primary IR Life Cycle Phases - (1) Preparation, (2) Detection & Analysis, (3) Containment, Eradication, & Recovery, and (4) Post-Incident Activity are addressed in detail, using sample incidents to facilitate class discussions. Part of Incident Response includes malware analysis and digital forensics.  Each major digital forensics phase - evidence acquisition, evidence analysis, reporting, and expert witness testimony are addressed. Numerous hands-on exercises, case studies, and challenges keep attendees engaged in a CTF (Capture the Flag) atmosphere. This hands-on environment provides ample opportunities for attendees to apply and practice concepts taught in the course.  

The dates for the Intro to Digital Forensics and Incident Response Course are:

  • January 25-27 (M-W), 8am-5pm, 2016

  • February 22-24 (M-W), 8am-5pm, 2016

  • March 21-23 (M-W), 8am-5pm, 2016

  • May 16-18 (M-W), 8am-5pm, 2016

  • June 13-15 (M-W), 8am-5pm, 2016

All courses will be held in the O'Fallon, Illinois area (Greater St. Louis area)  

To register or learn more about the Intro to Digital Forensics and IR Course, visit the course page on Alpine Security's website:


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