Learn to Decode Internet Traffic with Alpine's Traffic Analysis Training


St. Louis, Missouri, January 6, 2016 -Alpine Security just released the 2016 Q1 and Q2 dates for their Network Traffic Analysis Using Wireshark Course.  For a limited time, a $500 discount is being offered for the January course. This course is primarily hands-on and is highly recommended for anyone seeking to uncover what's really happening on a network. Traffic and packet analysis typically uncovers malicious activity ranging from malware command and control (C&C) traffic to a cyber criminal exfiltrating (stealing) Intellectual Property from your environment.

Alpine's Network Traffic Analysis Using Wireshark course is a 3 day instructor-led course focused on capturing, filtering, and analyzing network traffic to identify security vulnerabilities, track down network intrusions, troubleshoot network issues, and perform network forensics. The course includes real-world, hands-on scenarios featuring packet captures from network attacks and forensics investigations. Attendees will learn how to reconstruct network intrusions and extract information, such as credentials, images, malware, and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) from packet capture files. Attendees will also learn how to piece together and extract network evidence and tie the evidence to a suspect. Wireshark is the primary tool used throughout this course, but other tools and techniques are covered as well.

The course dates for the Network Traffic Analysis Using Wireshark Course are:

  • January 25-27 (M-W), 8am-5pm, 2016

  • March 21-23 (M-W), 8am-5pm, 2016

  • April 18-20 (M-W), 8am-5pm, 2016

  • May 16-18 (M-W), 8am-5pm, 2016

  • June 13-15 (M-W), 8am-5pm, 2016

All courses will be held in the O'Fallon, Illinois area.  

To register or learn more about the Network Traffic Analysis Using Wireshark Course, visit the course page on Alpine Security's website:



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