Alpine Security Takes On Medical Device Hacking with Medical Device Penetration Testing Services

From medication administration to remote sensor monitoring, embedded medical devices are improving the quality of care and increasing interaction with their providers. While this technology was most certainly created with good intentions, the lack of security in product design phases is a major concern - a concern that will likely materialize into malicious action with grave consequences.

Alpine Security Offers EC-Council's Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO) Certification

Alpine Security announces they now offer the EC-Council Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO) course. This executive-level course prepares current and prospective CISOs for broader concerns and challenges in the pursuit and maintenance of an effective information security program.

Alpine Security Offers Complete EC-Council Penetration Testing Track

Alpine Security, an award-winning EC-Council ATC, now offers every EC-Council course in the penetration testing progression. All courses include an exam pass guarantee and are offered live in-person and live online.

Alpine Security Adds CompTIA PenTest+ Certification Course

The PenTest+ is a brand new vendor-neutral penetration testing certification from CompTIA. Alpine Security is a CompTIA partner and is well positioned to teach this course because they routinely perform penetration testing for clients across multiple industries.

Alpine Security Discusses Cybersecurity Attacks at Business & Innovation Summit

Alpine Security's Daniel "Doc" Sewell provided a couple enlightening sessions yesterday on "cybersecurity attacks and how to avoid becoming the next victim" at the Business & Industry Innovation Summit, held at John Wood Community College in Quincy, IL

Alpine Offers Cybersecurity Certification Exam Pass Guarantee

Alpine Security ("Alpine"), an established innovator in cybersecurity solutions serving clients worldwide, has unveiled the Exam Pass Guarantee, an exciting new program designed to offer unprecedented benefits to clients of all sizes. 

Alpine Provides Cybersecurity Guidance at the 2018 Conference on Enterprise Excellence

Alpine Security ("Alpine") exhibited and presented at the 2018 Conference on Enterprise Excellence on February 22, 2018, held at Hamburger University in Oak Brook, IL. The Conference on Enterprise Excellence featured recognized organizational leaders sharing how they created their competitive future through process improvement and benchmarking against high-performing organizations. Alpine's CEO, Christian Espinosa, presented at the conference on cybersecurity breach prevention - "Effective Tactics Used by Hackers & How to Avoid Being the Next Cyber Victim."