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Second Annual HIPPAComplete Conference

  • T-REX Innovation Conference Center (5th floor) 911 Washington Ave St. Louis, MO, 63101 United States (map)

The Second Annual HIPAAComplete Conference will focus on the needs of rural healthcare, the American Indian Nations, and under-served communities by bringing together technology thought leaders, medical practitioners, and administrators to recommend innovative solutions facing healthcare. 

Partner companies will be demonstrating their integrated solutions, including:

  • AppsCo, a HIPAA compliant access management solution.

  • Hostirian, providing 24X7 365-day remote monitoring and support.

  • Alpine Security, a full-service cybersecurity firm.

  • Mobilize.NET, the leading software modernization company.

  • simMachines, machine learning with explainable Artificial Intelligence.

Follow this link for tickets and full agenda information.

The Agenda

Day one (June 17) 

The conference will focus on the needs of rural healthcare, the American Indian Nations, and under-served communities.

Keynote speaker: 

Dr. John Morley - treating dementia and using technology to tackle the loneliness epidemic.

AIMHI - a tribal 8a company, a joint venture with HIPAAComplete: advantages of tribal 8a and the benefits for partners.

Holecamp Training room: 

  • Medical OSHA

  • HIPAA security and privacy officer training

  • Cybersecurity Vulnerability Scanning

  • Access Controls - Single-Sign on. One password for all your IT systems

  • Cybersecurity insurance tips

  • Using Machine Learning Predictive Analytics without requiring a data scientist

  • How to integrate your electronic health records and all the other data  to simplify data analysis, reporting, and predictive analytics 

Round table discussions: 

  • Common challenges facing rural healthcare, American Indian Nations, and the African American community.-

  • Top technology trends that can be game changers and the challenges of implementation and staff acceptance.

  • The opioid epidemic: current progress and next steps to solve this complex challenge.

Day two (June 18)

  • HIPAAComplete Enterprise dashboard. A game changer for hospitals, ACOs, and other organizations managing complex environments.

  • Medical OSHA. A demonstration of the most feature-complete and integrated medical OSHA SaaS

  • SafeT Grant winner presentations and next steps for next round of grants.

  • AppsCo web show recording

  • Alpine Security vulnerability testing and penetration testing overview, latest trends.

  • Presentation of HIPAAComplete partner solutions.

  • HIPAACompletecustomer solution demo and latest cybersecurity progress.

Follow this link for tickets and full agenda information.