The Greatness of Being Uncomfortable

Step outside comfort zone

There is no denying that most people in this world want to avoid feeling uncomfortable as much as possible. The problem with this mindset is that those who fear discomfort and uncertainty are always going to be stuck in the same place. The best way to fail to succeed is to stay in one place for relative comfort.

Fear of failure ruins our lives

If you think about it, you will come to the conclusion that our biggest fear is not failure itself. What we truly fear is that other people will see us fail. This is a very common problem and it has no logic behind it. When you fail, you feel like others are going to ridicule you or laugh at you, but no one ever laughs at failure, they may feel bad for you, but they fear failure more than you do, they are completely frozen by fear and they never even try anything new because they would rather stay in their comfort zone.

Just imagine how ridiculous it would be for you to give up your goals and dreams because you are afraid of what others will say if you fail. The simple thought of this makes you cringe and it should be more than enough to motivate you to take action.

Good things will never happen to you

People are usually expecting god things to happen to them in life. They say “I’m a good person, I deserve good things, I know things will change” but the problem is that they are just standing on the road of life, while others are standing there with them waiting for good things to come to them. This is a huge problem for many people because they feel entitled to happiness and to success just because they are nice, or because they are honest and decent. Those are not qualities and virtues that give you a free pass to success. The sad truth is that no one has ever achieved success in life by thinking this way.

Imagine that you are standing on the road and you see a pot of gold a few miles away, but there are traps and pits all the way through. You are going to be waiting forever if you expect someone else to carry that gold to your location. Anyone that reaches that gold is going to keep it for themselves. They would be willing to share if you also walked towards that gold and took your chances with those traps.

The exact same thing happens with everything we want in life. If we don’t start heading in the direction of what we want, there is always going to be someone else willing to take the risk. The point here is that anything you want in like is going to require that you move forward and step out of your comfort zone.

Adding value to your journey

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Step out of your comfort zone and invest in your future. Take action and move forward on the road to your dreams. Find out how to enroll in our awesome courses to add massive value to your journey to success!