Malware Research Explained, Part 1

Many organizations hear the term “malware” and immediately screech in fear. If you are interested in malware research, as long as you are using safe practices, there is not a lot to be afraid of. For those of you who are interested in malware research and figuring out how and why these pieces of malicious software do what they do, this article might be for you.

Surviving a Ransomware Attack in Healthcare

The rising instances of ransomware attacks is harrowing to say the least. Attackers seek to achieve quick financial gains through the use of this tactic and to be frank, it is working. This blog provides some solutions to help you avoid becoming the next ransomware victim.

Replace Windows Task Manager with Process Explorer for Easy Malware Detection

Windows Task Manager serves a purpose, but we recommend you replace it with Process Explorer for many reasons.  A few of the  reasons for using Process Explorer:  It is Free.  It easily integrates with VirtusTotal. It shows process dependencies / process trees.