Cybersecurity Breaches

How to Perform a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment: A Step-by-Step Guide

Organizational leaders must understand that comprehensive, risk-based decisions are vital to balancing the force multiplying effects of information systems with the risk of those systems being inherently vulnerable to exploitation. If you want to prevent or reduce the likelihood of an attack, you have to risk management strategy: how your organization will frame, assess, respond to and monitor risk over time.

5 Biggest Healthcare Data Breaches

The number of healthcare cybersecurity breaches is on the rise with tens of millions affected in larger breaches, but hackers may target even regional insurers, smaller healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and individual physician’s offices. These breaches put medical facilities, insurers, and practitioners in the hot seat because they are liable for the security of the information they gather. 

Top 5 Cybersecurity Breaches of All Time

We look at five of the worst cybersecurity breaches of all time. There are many ways to rank the largest cybersecurity breaches. We chose to highlight those that affected the most records, triggered the highest dollar impact, was repeated, was an inside job, and the most egregious.