John Tagita Jr.

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John Tagita Jr. is a Sr. Cybersecurity Engineer intern with Alpine Security.  He holds a variety of industry certifications including CISSP, GIAC, GCFA, CHFI, and CCFE.  John has a passion for forensic investigations and breach response cases, application security, penetration testing, and blockchain technology.  He holds degrees in Information Technology, Cyber Security, and Criminal Justice.  John is currently active duty in the US Air Force service as a Cyberwarfare Training Chief.

When John is not working in the cyber security arena, you may find him developing Capture the Flag competitions, such as Hacktober or Hack The Arch, or competing himself.  He also is passionate about security research and networking with other like-minded hackers.  John loves spending the rest of his down-time with his beautiful wife and his four devilishly handsome sons.

Link up with John on social media at on Twitter, and on LinkedIn.