Brooke Johnson

Brooke in Monmarte

Brooke Johnson grew up in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. Inspired by Utah’s natural beauty, she sought a way to become more grounded in her own life. In 2011 Brooke became a certified yoga instructor. From there her adventures took her to Washington, D.C., where she became an accomplished Barista, competing in latte art competitions. While cycling around our nation’s capital, she met and fell in love with her (now) husband.

After a handful of moves, she arrived in Shiloh, Illinois. Since landing in the “Silicon Valley of the Mid-West”, she has taken a strong interest in Cybersecurity. Brooke’s current role at Alpine Security is an Executive Assistant and Cybersecurity Specialist. She is currently studying for the CompTIA Security+ certification. Brooke would one day love to become a physical penetration testing engineer, but the career options in Cybersecurity really are endless. In her free time, she enjoys listening to the podcast “Hacking Humans”, spending time with her family, brewing the perfect cup of coffee, working on her home virtual lab, and practicing yoga.