We are Professionals with Many Years Experience

Our background uniquely qualifies us, making us the right choice for your training and cybersecurity needs

Experience in High-Risk and Complex Environments

Alpine Security Cybersecurity Experience

We've worked and continue to work in many high-risk environments where mistakes could result in injury and loss of life. For example, we've worked in the following areas:

  • Medical Devices. We routinely perform penetration testing, audits, and security consulting for medical device manufacturers. These devices, if exploited, could potentially kill people. We help manufacturers secure their devices and systems to reduce risk to acceptable levels. In this environment, risk has to be assessed from both a loss of life and loss of PHI (Protected Health Information) perspective.

  • Commercial Aircraft. We routinely work to secure commercial aircraft from cyberattacks. We penetration test aircraft and perform risk assessments to ensure an attacker cannot hack into critical aircraft systems during flight or while an airplane is parked at a gate. Commercial aircraft are very complex integrated systems with diverse parts from numerous suppliers.

  • DoD and Government. We have many years experience working in cyberwarfare environments. We understand firsthand the importance of reducing risk of attack to critical infrastructure and reducing risk of sensitive data disclosure.

Our extensive experience in high-risk and complex environments ensures we are prepared to test your environment, regardless of the risk-level or complexity.  We've been tested under fire.

Trainers that are Practitioners with Real-World Experience

We do not use full-time trainers.  All of our trainers have practical experience in the topics they teach.  We believe it is vital to have working, practical knowledge in any subject you teach as an instructor.  As you may have noticed from our website, what makes us unique is we offer both training and services.  Most organizations only focus on training or services.  Offering both serves two primary purposes:

  1. Our trainers have practical, real-world experience because they also work as penetration testers, incident response handlers, forensic analysts, auditors, etc.

  2. All team members are highly trained in the cybersecurity services they perform. We mandate training and certifications for everyone.

All of our trainers also had to pass our initial rigorous Train-the-Trainer course, as well as recurring courses on effective training and communication.

Defense-Grade Penetration Testing

Alpine Security has White Box and Advanced Penetration Testing Experience

Most of our team has military and DoD (Department of Defense) cyberwarfare and information assurance experience. The DoD and military have been assessing risk, protecting data, securing environments, performing access control, etc. long before other industries.  We were involved with military Red Teams on numerous offensive and defensive cyberwarfare missions. We also helped develop many of the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) used in cyber operations. We developed computer network defense training ranges, simulations, exercises, content, and delivered this training, as instructors, around the globe. Several of our team members are patent-holders on cyberwarfare offense and defense platforms and technologies.

Experience Across Multiple Industries

We work in many industries and cultures across the world. We leverage the best practices from each industry to apply to our clients. We focus on your compliance requirements, such as HIPAA, but can also help you incorporate best practices from other industries, regulations, standards, and frameworks. Here is a sample of the industries we work with:

Alpine Security follows industry Best Practices
  • Aerospace

  • Defense

  • Education

  • Energy

  • Financial

  • Healthcare

  • Manufacturing

  • Technology

  • Transportation

  • Utilities